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The Essential Professional
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will resume on March 1, 2016

Is Your Dream to be an in-demand,  Popular and Well Paid Public Speaker?

American Speakers Bureau is looking for a few good men and women to book for paid speaking engagements.

We want to recruit and train new people to become highly-paid, and in-demand professional speakers.

We will show you how to create
opportunities to get booked
for the next several years and beyond.

During this four-week on-line training experience, called The Essential Professional Speaker Training Program, Frank Candy the Founder and President of American Speakers Bureau, and author of the highly acclaimed book, Public Speaking for Money, gives straight, and in-depth strategies and direction for achieving a successful speaking career. He reveals the methods he used for himself, and has taught many others in using the same strategies and systems for success.

If you are very serious about creating a good, six, or seven figure income, if you have drive and ambition to do what it takes to create the life of your dreams, there’s no reason you can’t join the exclusive club of highly paid public speakers.

Frank will show you how to do it right, unlike many people who waste valuable time and lots of money on flawed branding, ineffective strategies, and not enough time on improving their speaking skills, positioning and attraction marketing.

Frank Candy and Dr. Johnny Miller
Frank Candy and Dr. Johnny Miller, CSP

Here is one of the reasons why we like this business opportunity. The speaking business has a low barrier to entry with low capital investment for start-up costs. It requires that you create content, although truth be told, you can pay someone for that, but you must be a good speaker on the stage, you must know the business, and you must have a business plan. We can show you how to do all of that.

Have you asked yourself: How do I become an in-demand, highly paid, successful motivational and inspirational professional speaker?

How much would it be worth to you to learn the insiders’ secrets from the best in the business, and be an in-demand, highly paid, successful motivational and inspirational speaker or trainer?

Keep reading! 

How much would it be worth to you to learn how to improve your speaking style?

Or perhaps you want to learn how to get paid what you are worth?

How much would it be worth to you to dominate your market? To brand, position, and sell yourself in a way that establishes you as an elite speaker?

     How much would it be worth to you to look backstage, behind the curtain… To peer into the control rooms and command centers of a professional agency that has booked speakers for over twenty-five years?

How much would it be worth to you to know the insiders’ information on the hottest markets today and in the future?

     The answer…

This knowledge could be worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

     “For over a decade I have had no better mentor, coach, and friend in the speaking business than Frank Candy and the American Speakers Bureau! Building and maintaining a successful public speaking career, like flying space shuttles, requires hard work, dedication, and focus; it is not for the timid or bashful. 

     If you follow Frank’s recommendations, suggestions, tips, ideas, and advice, you will cut your learning time dramatically. 

     So strap in, start the countdown, and launch yourself off the pad! It’s time for you to rocket past the rest of the pack!”

Frank Candy and Astronaut Rick Searfoss
Frank Candy and Astronaut Rick Searfoss, CSP

     Rick Searfoss, Colonel, US Air Force Retired

Astronaut/Space Shuttle Commander
The “Astronaut Speaker” is the only astronaut in history to earn the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association.

One of our students came from South America, and English was his second language. Louis came to us and chose to invest in himself by purchasing our system. Today he is speaking and training people every week, and today he loves his career and life.

Another student named Michael delivered seminars for groups, and all of his profits came from product sales.

We gave him our magic formula to sell more products. He doubled his sales the first time he used just a few of our strategies.

Then Michael used more tips, and broke his company sales records. He called it a miracle. We call it our proven system.

We have many success stories like Rick, Louis, and Michael.

Your story could be next on our list!

     Ask yourself…what would it be worth to you?

  1. To have world-class performance skills that would change peoples’ lives.
  2. To truly connect, inspire, and inform the audience while you entertain them?
  3. Understand the insiders’ information to dominate your market and get booked often?
  4. Create a publicity plan to build and promote yourself, your brand, and your business?
  5. Learn the ultimate plan-from-the-man to position yourself as the expert in your field?
  6. Use the Internet to add opportunities and prosperity to your life?
  7. Give profitable teleseminars where people pay to learn from you and hear your inspiring message?

In my forty-plus years in business, I have met many people who are responsible for their own income they were physicians, therapists, CPAs, attorneys, real estate agents, stockbrokers, salespeople, athletes, business people from all walks of life.

      These people could double or triple their income by adding public speaking and promotions to their skills set.

Frank Candy with legendary Author and speaker Wayne Dyer
Frank Candy with legendary author and speaker Wayne Dyer

When I met Frank Candy in 1994, it began a profitable partnership and great friendship that lasted for decades.

Frank’s hard work and integrity set the standard for the speaking industry. He is one in a million.
Wayne Dyer



Frank Candy and Brian Holloway
Frank Candy and All Pro New England Patriots Team Captain Brian Holloway

     I chased Frank Candy for ten years until I caught him. His industry knowledge is unmatched. He was and is the front-runner in the speaking and consulting industry and has infinite “new” knowledge as in secrets to generating new business, wowing clients, and navigating the new digital economy.If you want to achieve great success, study and learn from the master. Beyond his engaging personality, warm smile, and super-friendly demeanor, Frank is brilliant, a genius, and will continue to lead this industry. Frank provides you with a map to unlimited success.

Brian Holloway
Author and Professional Speaker
Three-time NFL Pro Bowler and Super Bowl XX veteran
New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders


Former presidents can earn over $250,000 and more for an appearance that may include a speech. (Someday you and I might have a debate on why and how that happens, but for now it just lends some perspective.)

The truth is… I have rarely earned more than $25,000 per speech.

Usually I earn $12,000 to $17,000 per speech (plus commissions on product sales).

But, what about you?

You don’t have to be a fantastic speaker to earn $100,000 or $200,000 per year for speaking. You do not need a college degree, but you should have life experience, and you have to be professional on and off stage.

Have good things and bad things happened to you? Have you overcome adversity? Have you accomplished something difficult or wonderful and overcome the odds? Is there a speech inside of you that wants to come out?

     You don’t have to be good-looking (I am just an average-looking guy with a shaved head, and a never give up attitude! So if I can do it, you can do it. All you need to have are the willingness to learn how to be successful, and have a good work ethic.

     We offer you training with mentors, coaches, and agents with connections. You will receive detailed plans, strategies, checklists, systems, and the insiders’ secrets.

This includes our contracts, checklists, agreements, and industry forms that will get you started and working faster.

We offer all this and more!

Ask yourself this question, “What would I gain in my life and career if I became a better public speaker with less fear and more confidence?

What if I had a proven system that worked, so when I am asked to speak at events for truly good money, I am ready and confident?”

If you want to learn from the real, proven experts, and can see yourself making the investment to become a better public speaker…

If you want to have more confidence, be more interesting and more persuasive…

     Contact us now. call 407-826-4248 or send an email to and we will set up an appointment to discuss this opportunity.

If you believe you would like to hire Frank as your private business consultant, please do not wait. He limits the number personal clients each year because he simply does not have the time or space due to his other business ventures he is involved in.

An interview process is necessary to see if your offer, plans and business is the right match to fill the few open spots left for the year.

If you want to eliminate the fear of getting in front of groups, then keep reading. If not, please give this to someone who does!

     Here is what you are going to learn in your four-week course:

You will go from fear to confidence, learn how to speak with clarity and self-assurance, and become a public speaker people respect and admire.

You will see, hear, feel, and experience what happens onstage, backstage, and behind the curtain at some of the best events with in the world.

When you complete this program, you will have all the knowledge you need and a plan to keep developing new material without telling someone else’s story ever again.

You will learn how to ask clients to pay you in advance.

Discover how to easily negotiate your fee along with the terms of your contract.

You will receive the contracts that we use with companies all over the world.

Get non-profit organizations to pay you thousands of dollars even when most people are speaking at their events for free.

Here is one of my best-kept secrets. The truly successful speakers have unique material that only belongs to them.

Most people just tell stories and spout facts and figures from TV, reports, books, and information they borrowed.

We will show you how to develop a wealth of material that is your own unique content to use in your presentations.

There will be time for your questions, and we have the answers.

The systems, plans, and strategies are here for you. Nothing gets left out.


Frank Candy and Mark Kamp in Las Vegas
Frank Candy and Mark Kamp in Las Vegas

     If any man on this planet walks the walk and talks the talk, it’s Frank Candy. Since 1997, I have hired Frank as a consultant, mentor, and for several marketing and brand development projects for my speaking and entertainment carrier. Dollar for dollar, he is the best there is. He is, indeed, the true rock star of the speaking and entertainment industry.

     The man doesn’t sleep, and he’s like a human computer of knowledge and wisdom based on research and personal experiences. 

     With his vast resume of experience and having been on both sides of the public speaking as an agent, speaker bureau owner, and professional speaker, his new book, Public Speaking For Money should be a must read for every speaker, trainer, and entertainer who is starting out, or reinventing, or launching into a new market or new product for your public speaking and entertainment career.

Mark Kamp
Las Vegas Headliner, International and Award-Winning Entertainer, Corporate Speaker and MC, and Author: Opportunity Rocks! Be a Rock Star in Business and Beyond

     The course works like this:

     Only ten people will be chosen to participate. We prefer to keep the group small so everyone receives personal attention.

     Each week, you will receive two lessons – one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Every lesson will include a PDF document including checklists and worksheets. Plus some of the lessons will include an MP-3 audio-file to go with it.

     The First Lesson: “Creating and Organizing Your Unique Content and Your Unique Selling Proposition”

     The First Lesson will start by going over in detail the whole course, so you can understand and prepare for the entire course.

Next, we will cover how to create content, and the best ways to organize it. You will be working the content creation process over the next four weeks so by the end of the course you should have plenty of material for your presentations.

We will also layout the differences in motivation, inspiration, keynote speaking vs. training, and different methods for content delivery, and how you can establish, adjust and change it to your own unique style.

The next exercise will show you how to write your introduction, the one that a person like an emcee would read to introduce you before your presentation.

Then we will go over what is a brand and what you need to do to develop a plan for creating your brand and how to develop your unique selling proposition.

     Lesson Two:  “How to Create Custom Introductions, Openings and Closes for Your Presentations, and The Marketing Plan Overview.”

This lesson will begin with a review of the first lesson, and then move on to establishing confidence and focus through knowing your audience, by learning to ask the most important questions, (we give you the list) and creating flawless introductions, openings and closes. Plus, we show you how to customize your presentations for any group, anytime, and anywhere.

Also in Lesson Two we will cover what is in a marketing plan and what you will need to get started on creating your plan, and what to avoid so you save and not waste money. *This will include the complete business plan outline.

     Lesson Three: “Advanced Strategies of Timing, Story Telling, using Humor, Jokes, and Personal Stories.  Your Choices for Many Advertising Options, and the Secrets to the Best Free Advertising in the World.”

This lesson includes a short review of the previous lessons, then discuss confidence through basics and advanced strategies of timing, story telling, how to tell humorous stories, and use humor and jokes effectively. Plus, we will reveal how to use personal stories that will connect with your audience immediately.

Also in Lesson Three we will cover your choices for many advertising options and how you can develop a unique advertising plan for you. Plus we will reveal the option for the best free advertising and the two things you do not want to waste your money on!

     Lesson Four: “The Secrets to Success. Preparation, Practice, and Rehearsal, Guarantees Confidence and Success. And the Secrets to Effective Promotions and Joint promotions to Increase Bookings and Product Sales.”

Starts with a short review of the previous lessons, and then we will disclose how to build confidence through the magic of preparation, practice and rehearsal before every presentation.

This lesson will include The Complete Show Checklist for everything you need to do before you show up for the presentation and everything you need to do once you arrive for the event.

Also in this lesson we will discuss the pros and cons of multi-media presentations like PowerPoint slides and video that are used frequently in presentations. With just a few guidelines, they can work for you and not against you. We will provide samples that really work, and discuss why they work, along with why many you have seen don’t work. You will be amazed!

Also in Lesson Four we will discuss your options for promotions and how you could obtain free and low-cost promotions that could yield big money.

     At the end of lesson four you will be invited to our first of two live webinars to go over everything we have covered so far, and answer question you will be invited to submit in advance. We reserve the right to pick and choose the questions due to time limits, and relevancy to the group. However in the past we have provided answers to every question to each participant by private phone call or email.

     Lesson Five: “The Insiders Secrets To Look Great, Travel Light, and Be Comfortable! We will explain the Public Relations Revolution and How You Can Profit from it.”

It includes a short review of the previous lessons, and then we examine the tactics for building confidence through developing your voice, your unique style, and your look.

Plus we will reveal the perfect wardrobe and accents that are stylish and cool, interchangeable and approved by the best New York, Paris and LA designers. These outfits are very reasonable in cost, (you probably own most of them) and they will allow you to travel easy and light. As a bonus we will include our packing checklists, and luggage recommendations.

Also in lesson five we will blow the lid off the public relations revolution and how you can maximize it fast and profit from it in the future.

     Lesson Six: Lights, Cameras, Action! It’s Showtime! This is Your Time to Shine! We will Reveal the Best Sales Secrets for Getting Booked Solid!”

It includes a short review of the previous lessons, and now it’s time for lights, cameras and action. The emcee is reading your introduction and you hear, and now please help me welcome (your name)

It’s time for you to take the stage, impress the group, own the room, and inspire them to listen to you, believe in you, and take the actions you recommend.

We will discuss managing your nerves, your mindset, and your attitude, and most important with our system you will have a plan to adjust to any situation that might happen to you. We will give you our checklist that we use for each keynote speech and training presentation, every single time.

We will give you our line learning and speech memorization techniques so you will be able to deliver over an hour of good content without ever looking at your notes.

We will show you the best methods for selling products on stage that will inspire a stampede of passionate and committed buyers to the back of the room with cash and credit cards to buy your books, systems, DVDs and much more.

Then we will reveal what to do and not do, with special tips and techniques of involving the audience with interaction using questions and answers, comments and surveys, and do it by always maintaining control.

We will also discuss your plan to connect with the audience after your presentation, in welcome lines, autograph signing, book signings, photo sessions, and product sales tables. There is a whole list of tips and methods we will include for you and it can make the difference of getting booked many more times with the same client.

Also in Lesson Six we will cover the best sales secrets for getting booked that really work from the late, great Zig Ziglar and Mr. Fantastic, Stan Billue and of course, the professionals at American Speakers Bureau.

Audience Interaction, Props, J-V Partnerships, Agents, Media Kits

     Lesson Seven: “Secrets, Tips and Techniques for WOWING Your Audience, Plus the Joint Venture Partnerships, Working with Agents, and the Exclusive, Master Checklist to Develop a Digital Multi-Media Marketing Kit.

In Lesson Seven we will review the previous lesson, and reveal our secret tips and techniques of involving the audience with interaction using questions and answers, comments and surveys, and do it by always maintaining control.

We will include using props, whiteboards, storyboards, flip charts, and hot seats.

We will provide you with the marketing checklist so you can continue working on developing your brand and finalizing your market positioning strategies.

We will discuss how to get paid what you are worth, along with summarizing the sales, advertising, public relations and promotions.

We will discuss Joint Venture Partnerships, working with agents, and the exclusive, master checklist to develop a digital multi-media marketing kit.

At the end of Lesson Seven we will tie this all together the big review of the whole program. Then we will invite you to take the next steps that are relevant and important to you.

The systems, plans, blueprints, worksheets, checklists and strategies are here for you. Nothing is left out.

     Within one-week of completing lesson seven, we will have our second and final live webinar. You will be able to submit questions in advance, and like before we reserve the right to pick and choose the questions due to time limits, and relevancy to the group. However as in the past we have provided answers to every question to each participant by private phone call or email.

Everyone who completes the course on time will receive two hours of individual, personalized coaching over the next 30 days.

During this time, we can work on your speech, review any video of your presentation, and assist you with your marketing and media plans.

Remember, it is important for us to see you follow up, follow through, and be successful.

     So how much is this investment in yourself?

Before I share with you the investment, allow me to review this with you and put it into context:

How much is it worth to you to learn from one of the best people in the world?

How much is it worth to have access to one of the top speakers bureaus in the country?

How much is it worth to you to fast track your success, and become an active speaker listed on the speakers bureau website (when you qualify, and when you are ready for this)?

How much would letters of recommendation from us be worth? (You must earn them, but we will write them.)

How much would it be worth to you to have our assistance in negotiating bookings, sponsorships, joint venture deals, and close more sales with clients?

How much would it be worth to have our support with conference calls with prospects and help you to turn them into long-term clients?

     As the president of American Speakers Bureau, I will assist you in ways that only a person at my position in the field can.

Not only am I asking you and expecting you to invest in yourself, we will invest in you as well.

     That’s right. I will invest in you, and finance over three-fourths of your tuition if you qualify for the program.

How much would you invest in your future, if you could learn how to make over six or seven figures a year even without a degree?

Our team considered charging 20, 30, or 40 thousand dollars. The truth is, we care far more about your ability to do the lessons and the work that’s required, and our future partnership than the money.

If you are successful, there will be plenty of money to be made in the future.

So here it is: The investment is just $12,000 and we will finance $8,000 of it. You will be required to invest just $4,000 in the beginning.

The balance of $8,000 will be due to us in two ways. After you complete the course, and start speaking for money; we will expect you to pay us just 10% of your earnings until your balance is paid off.

If you do it the way we recommend, you should have it paid off in less than a year. Many have done it faster.

And there is one more possibility:

When you complete the course, just prepare and submit your marketing materials to the speakers’ bureau for review.

When they are accepted, we will put you on our website and attempt to start booking you. 

We will earn our usual commission on each booking, plus just $1,000 per booking until the balance is paid off.

     Here is my personal guarantee…

If, after the third lesson, and before the first webinar, you believe this is not for you… If you feel you made a mistake, if you decide you want to quit for any reason…

I will refund 100% of your money within forty-eight hours of your notification that you send in writing. No questions asked.

This is very important to us because we only want committed people in our program.

You will agree to give me your word and a signed note that says once you start booking speeches for money, you will make the payments we agreed to.

     What do you need to qualify for the program?

     Contact us now, call 407-826-4248 or send an email to set an appointment to talk. Send it to

Let’s start with an introductory phone call. It will require about twenty minutes to discuss your ideas and vision for your future.

If you demonstrate that you have integrity and a strong desire to succeed, you will receive an application and a questionnaire to fill out and return to us.

Once our team reviews it, we will contact you with our plans and recommendations on how we may work together in the future.

The fine print: We retain the right to refuse any applicant for any reason prior to, or during the course. If we choose to terminate your participation in the course at anytime, we will refund 100% of your money.

     Here’s your chance. You’ve always wanted to be a successful public speaker.

Whether you are in your twenties, your seventies, or anywhere in between, this is the opportunity for you.

     “Thank you again for your effort, your dedication, and for so freely sharing your knowledge. I rank the two days I just spent in your personalized workshop to be two of the most profoundly productive days I have ever spent.”

Dale Ledbetter, Esquire,
Author, Professional Speaker
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

One last promise, if this training program is important to you, I promise it is very important to us. Our success depends on you being successful. We want good people with the strong desire to take action, who will show up, do the work, follow up with assignments and never give up!

If this sounds like you, or if you believe you would be a perfect fit for a lucrative career in public speaking, call us at 407-826-4248, or send an email to Frank Candy at

Frank Candy
Founder and President
American Speakers Bureau

P.S. The Essential Professional Speaker Training Program includes:

Discover the profoundly different results-driven blueprint used by American Speakers Bureau President, Frank Candy

Learn how you can tap into the strategies of success that actually work, while avoiding costly mistakes and will save you thousands of dollars.

What are you waiting for?  Send an email to Frank Candy at and put Contact me to discuss The Essential Professional Speaker Training Program in the subject line.

You’ll be amazed at the pure speed with which all of this works. Today you are standing just a few weeks away from a lucrative new life of sharing your message and your brand with people all over the country.

Imagine the pure, triumphant joy as you book your very first event … and many more.

Remember, it is in the very nature of opportunities like this one to disappear. That is what makes this one so precious.

Those who find success and wealth are those who reach out and take what they are after.

And there is nothing stopping you from joining them today!

Indeed, success for you will begin in that very moment you make the commitment to do your absolute best as we work together.

     Start by calling us at 407-826-4248 simply emailing us at and put Contact me to discuss The Professional Speaker Training Program in the subject line.

See you inside the command center!

Frank Candy