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We offer two live events:

1) The Super Bowl of Public Speaking Seminars How To Be An Incredible Public Speaker
2) How To Make Big Money As A Professional Public Speaker

Location: Orlando, Florida, (Location To Be Announced)

You will learn how to:

  • Apply the ten rules and the two secrets you must know to be successful in front of a group
  • Develop your platform skills with tips from the experts
  • Deliver keynote speeches, seminars, and workshops
  • Write your speaker introduction in the method professional speakers use
  • How to begin a speech and why it’s important to have a back-up plan
  • Deliver content and stories for impact and relevancy
  • Use segues, bridges, and links to connect your content and build on them
  • Find new content and humor, create, write, and refine your message
  • Deliver sales pitches for your ideas, services, or products
  • Create and deliver powerful closes that inspire people to take action
  • Optimizing the strategies trainers use, plus interactive exercises
  • Props you can or those you can never take through airport security
  • Use of technology and computer programs such as: Custom videos, PowerPoint, and Keynote
  • The great MAC vs. PC debate, and how to avoid “Death By PowerPoint”

Participants will be offered the opportunity to showcase their speeches in a fun and non-threatening environment

Participants will deliver their speeches. (Optional for each participant.)

Our team will observe attendees’ speeches, followed by suggestions from the team, plus we offer focus and direction for improvement

After the participants’ showcase, we have an open question and answer session

Bonus: Participants will learn the famous Hollywood memorization technique guaranteed to help memorize a one-hour speech and deliver it without notes

Participants will also qualify for our mentoring programs and receive discounts on future seminars

There is no magic bullet, no magic dust, and no magic wand, but we teach you our great success strategies, the time-honored techniques, and innovative systems, with proven procedures to improve your performance and transform you into a public speaker with confidence, power, and influence.

We have four important questions for you:

  1. Are you willing to learn from the best in the professional speaking business?
  2. Are you prepared to make the investment in you?
  3. Are you ready to take the next step?
  4. Then what are you waiting for?

We only have a limited number of openings for the seminars:

How To Be An Incredible Public Speaker


How To Make Big Money As A Professional Public Speaker

Click here, or call us at 407-826-4248 to discuss whether this opportunity is right for you.

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American Speakers Bureau Corporation • 
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