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Option #3 ~ The Silver Training and Consulting  Program

This is a Two-Day, Advanced Marketing Intensive For The Speaker, Trainer and Author.

NOTE: This is the content we offer to cover. You may choose what you wish to learn. Because this industry changes quickly, we always customize and update this information constantly.

We will start off with

The Pillars of Success

What you need to do – a step-by-step model to build a profitable, professional speaker, trainer, and author career, the right way.
We will also cover the things you should postpone, and what to avoid no matter what stage you are at in your career. This information is worth the cost of the program!

OPTIONAL: Platform Skills Development

This is a half-day session that covers the highlights of the Bronze Coaching Program. In this session we will discuss your speaking style, your opening and closes and how you create them, plus how to customize your presentations for every audience. We will review your content and material, humor and jokes, visual aids, multi-media, storytelling styles, transitions, bridges, selling from the stage and sales pitches, choreography, and provide tips and suggestions on wardrobe options for different audiences, props you might consider getting them through TSA, and how to avoid the dreaded Death By Power Point.

The Making of Super Stars: The Successful Speaker, Trainer, and Author

This session is designed to offer you better understanding of how to brand and position yourself for the future so you are the person who gets chosen more than the competition.

The “P” Factors

How to:

Position yourself as an expert, author, authority, who speaks professionally

  • How to create a publishing empire with information marketing and publish your work and make more money
  • Create and design a book proposal that stands out
  • How to work with mainstream publishers
  • How and why to self-publish your work
  • Seven ways to leverage intellectual property
  • A speech is not just a speech; a book is just not a book. Extend your brand AND your income by repurposing content into multiple formats

The “B” Factors

  • How to create a very powerful brand and maintaining a buzz in the marketplace. We provide real examples from over thirty years in the industry. And what’s working now and how to get ready for the future.We will evaluate your:
  • Marketing and media plans
  • Print collateral material and media kits
  • Video demos, presentations, and sizzle reels
  • Online footprint with websites and assess them for five critical factors
  • Social media status and ranking
  • Make recommendations for your consideration

We will answer your questions concerning many of the high tech, low tech, slow tech, and no tech options available to you.

The “V” Factor

How to create a Video that really works.
Frank Candy is the author of How to Create the Perfect Video Demo That Sells You.

The “S” Factor

How to Sell products. You will see at least six different ways your can sell products and expand your profit margins.

The “X” Factor

The number one thing most needed to be successful. Anyone can do it, but most people fall short. We will give you the “X” Factor!

Additional topics include:

  • Promotional head shots – color and black and white – tips from the pros
  • Your bio for print and how to research the best keywords for it
  • Your bio for the web (with specialty keywords) and your extended bio (with more and richer keywords)
  • Your introduction(s)
  • The topics you are qualified to deliver
  • Your program descriptions using specific keywords for the reader and searcher of your topic online
  • Testimonials and the five places you should be using them
  • Client lists and how to maximize them
  • Video / audio/ digital media – the real scoop
  • The new digital one-sheet and media kit and how to create it

The next session we call The best actions to bring in the business. We will discuss the most important parts of this business which are automation and the follow-up plans.



Where the Paid Bookings Are and How to Get Them

Frank Candy will share his secrets and reveal for you over thirty-two different speaking markets, which ones might be the best for you, how to access them, and get booked in them.

We will share specific details about the many speaking circuits and the opportunities, differences, nuances, and challenges associated with using them.

You will learn about how to do business with big corporations, small businesses, franchises, entrepreneurial groups, sports and athletic organizations, the U.S. Government, and other governments from around the world. Plus, all of the specialty markets.

There is a special section on how to connect with the right people and get on the short list of the decision makers, the one secret strategy that works over 80% of the time.

You will learn how to handle important conference calls and telephone prospect interviews to book the business.

We will help you answer:

  • How much should you charge?
  • The many ways you could negotiate fees and should you?
  • How to evaluate a project or opportunity for the intangible value

The IT Part of the Business.

Frank Candy has been using the Internet for many years. In the early ’80s, Frank was a Human Resource Liaison for the Department of Defense passing around rocket scientists’ resumes on the Internet when it was just for use by the government and universities.

American Speakers Bureau had one of the first websites for the industry and has maintained a top rating in the search engines for well over a fifteen years.

Frank Candy was the co-founder for I-MEG. The Internet Marketing E-commerce Group.  It grew from four to four-hundred people in twenty months.

He will explain the technical issues in plain English and give you checklists. (What you really need, and what you don’t need.) These tips and strategies can save you thousands of dollars in basic startup costs, plus even more money in the future.

Topics covered include:

  • Websites, Social Media, Videos, Blogs, and automation – the legal reasons of doing it right the first time, what you must know and do, and how to get started or fix what you have.
  • Your domain names – How to choose a good one.
  • Content – Make it relevant, make it current, make it count.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
    • How to pick good keywords, where to put them, plus Keyword Selection, Keyword Placement Keyword Density, and Keyword Prominence.
    • Reputation Management.
    • Design – K.I.S.S. Killer Internet Sites Suck (Keep It Simple Stupid!)
  • Navigation – Don’t Make Me Think!
  • ISP – What is an Internet Service Provider? Facts you need to know.
  • Social Networking Sites -The good, the bad, the ugly, and the indifferent.
  • Video – So many formats! How do you get the best video format when you have so many competing criteria, such as:
    • Compatibility
    • File size
    • Video quality
  • Audio and Podcasting – There are a bunch of formats for the web. The team will assist you in understanding the options, and why you might consider it.
  • The Magical Mystery Speakers Bureau Tour

    On this tour, you will learn how to approach, connect with, and work with large and small speakers bureaus, and be a good partner with them.

    You will also learn what to do and not do: Contracts, catalogs, media kits, websites, exclusive and non-exclusive representation (pros and cons), co-brokering, spin-off dates, speaker showcases, and client-bureau-speaker relationships, (This generates more speakers bureaus selling high-fee bookings for you.)

    Every year speakers bureaus predictably book over 50,000 paid speaking engagements. This number is growing by conservative estimate at a rate of over 20% per year.

    Frank Candy will reveal the behind the scenes magic and the mystery of this industry.

    He will share with you his over thirty years of working experience with agents, destination management companies, sports agents, talent producers, show producers, advertising agencies, corporate meeting and event planners, and independent meeting planners – the people who hire speakers.

    This is an inside and outside look at the industry and the professionals who work in it. This should prove to be one of the most powerful and exciting sessions you will participate in, and it could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. Imagine the valuable advantage this information will give you!

    Plus you will receive hard copies of the operations forms used in the American Speakers Bureau Corporation offices. And Frank Candy will provide copies of the actual forms used to run the bureau, keep bookings running smoothly and meet all deadlines, and evaluate new speakers and their media kits.

    This program is dedicated to helping you become a successful public speaker, publisher, or author. Therefore, we are going to provide you with even more forms, lists, agreements, reports, and checklists that you might frequently use.

    Contract check lists for basic speaking engagements with:

    • Clients
    • Keynote Speakers
    • Seminars and training programs
    • The actual boilerplate contracts and agreements we use with large corporations, and they get approved by the legal departments
    • Speakers Bureau Contracts
    • Audiovisual contract riders
    • Expense reports
    • Audio Taping Agreement
    • Video Taping Agreement
    • Broadcast Agreement for TV and for the Internet
    • Pre-program questionnaire

    You will receive up-to-date lists of travel websites and a packing checklist for multi-event travel.

    In just ten minutes or less we will show you how to go on the road for over a month with just two carry on bags. As Dr. Johnny Miller has said “There are only two kinds of luggage: Carry-on and lost!” All road warrior / professional speakers have lost luggage horror stories to tell. So learn the secrets and tips from these experts of travel.

    Optional: Running the Office, what you need and don’t need!

    You will learn what your options are. Plus, you will receive valuable advice from some of our accomplished millionaire clients and partners.

    • Legal Issues – Should you hire a Lawyer? (The answer is yes, unless you are one!)
    • Accounting and hiring a CPA – The five questions you should ask.
    • Setting up your office: The basic needs and how to plan for growth.
    • The technical side of your office: Computers – PC or MAC? The recommended and can’t live without hardware, software, and Tupperware for organizing your office.

    Coping with the unexpected

    in 2004, American Speakers Bureau survived four hurricanes – Charlie, Jean, Francis, and Ivan all in one summer! And the next summer was Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and the American Speakers Bureau had events booked there, too! How ready are you for surprises and chaos? We were. The team will share the “best practices” that it uses in business resulting from lessons learned and the steps you can take to secure your future.

    Your Virtual Office

    Making it happen from the road and considerations for having a virtual assistant.

    Plus we will have a bonus session called

    Your Executive Board Of Advisors

    How to find them, convince them to work with you and how to work with them.

    We will conclude with a “pull it all together session.” It’s called:

    Now What?

    We will include an action plan for you with checklists.

    Yes, we know it is a lot to process. That’s why we include four one-hour phone calls over the next thirty days. We will talk every week to follow-up and go over your action plan and progress with you.

    The Investment for the Silver Consulting and Coaching Program is only $15,000.00. The ROI: Priceless.

    This program is the fastest and best way for a speaker, trainer, and/or author to get on the road to success quickly and get booked more often, for more money.

    Please contact us now to discuss how we can work together.

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