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Option #5 ~ The Platinum Training and Consulting  Program


The Platinum Program includes everything listed in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Programs, but goes all the way with our all in, all done, we do it for you program.

We will do this in phases:

Phase 1:

Meet for three days to go through our discovery and training programs, along with producing test headshots and a video test reel. We will provide a list of recommended clothing to bring for the test shoots.

Phase 2:

Creating and designing your brand and brand promises, researching and preforming the relevant your keyword search strategies, to positioning you in the market. Once approved, we will start on the next phase. This can take one to three months depending how quickly you develop the focus on your brand and your positioning in the market.

Phase 3:

Designing your marketing plan, and media kit. Normally the first draft is done in less than two months. (We have done it in as fast as two weeks.) We send it out for testing and revisions, and once approved by you, we will start on the next phase.

Phase 4:

Building your on-line presence starting with your website, implementing all your keyword search strategies, making the website mobile compatible with SEO, setting up your key social media sites, and producing one five minute sizzle reel. In addition once this phase is completed, we will test it in the marketplace, and make any tweaks we discover to improve the performance. Normally this takes under two to three months, once we have approval from you on the formats, photos, videos, graphics, and copy.

Phase 5:

Optional. We offer video production services for live events, studio recording, and post-production editing, special effects and branding for additional fees.

Phase 6:

Optional. We also offer an all in and all done for you book writing and production services for an additional fee. *

Phase 7:

Once this is complete we will send your tested media kit to at least ten respected speakers bureaus around the world with our personal recommendation for them to consider booking you. This is one of the best ways to get in the radar and focus a bureau fast.

*The book writing and production services are bid on a per-project basis. Normally we will take you through the process of interviewing ghostwriters, and assisting you with their terms and contracts. We would assist you with choosing style editors, grammarians, cover designers, interior designers, developing your book marketing plans, author media kits, plus advise you on printing and shipping services.

The Investment for the Platinum Consulting and Coaching Program is only $75,000.  The ROI: Priceless.

This program will get it done for any speaker, trainer and author to get into the market the right way, earn representation from the agents at speakers bureaus, and fill their calendar with quality bookings.

Disclaimer: Being successful in any business requires risk, reward, ongoing learning, testing, and most of the time your set-backs and failures get chalked up to experience and hopefully you can move on. The ones who usually win are the ones with persistence, who establish a plan and take action to follow the best plan for them.

All of our programs are designed to allow you to take advantage of our experiences, successes, mistakes, failures, and allow you to get the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Nothing is perfect, but our winning track record in the marketplace with many of the biggest names in the business proves we have withstood the test of time, and if history has taught us anything, it’s go with the winners, and always do your best. So that’s our promise to you, we will do our best, and expect you to do your best.

When we combine our talents and skills with yours, we could make this a fantastic opportunity for you that will withstand the test of time.

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