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The one-day Tune-Up and Ramp-Up

For the speaker or trainer who wants to take their presentation skills to the next level. Normally we do this in person in our special rooms that are equipped with backdrops, lighting, tele-prompters, video and audio recording.

In the pre-meeting interview, we will start with assessing your skill levels and goals for the day, plus any special arrangements you might require.

In this session we will discuss your speaking style, your opening and closes and how you create them, plus how to customize your presentations for every audience. We will review your content and material, humor and jokes, visual aids, multi-media, storytelling styles, transitions, bridges, selling from the stage and sales pitch’s, choreography, and provide tips and suggestions on wardrobe options for different audiences, props you might consider getting them through TSA, and how to avoid the dreaded “Death By Power Point.”

Many speakers and trainers need to understand they are delivering an “informative and educational performance” and it needs to be a total package of valuable, up-to-date content, multi-media that looks great, sounds amazing, has impeccable timing, and is delivered in a very entertaining show.

Today, and even more in the future, the demanding audiences will expect a higher level of entertainment value with information that matters to them. The performance results will play out in the audience’s social media channels, and so will their failure or success to earn more repeat and spin-off bookings (the true measure of success) with more clients.

As an additional bonus we offer 10 strategies for looking and sounding great on live video calls or telephone conference with prospects when interviewing you for a keynote speech, training program, or a professional live webinar. Some of these points include, the preparation for the call, the background, blocking, camera angles, audio hardware, how to stay hydrated, not wearing glasses or non-glare glasses so people can see your eyes, wardrobe choices, personal grooming, preparation, how to close the deal, and much more.

The investment for the one-day Tune-Up and Ramp-Up for the speaker or trainer is only $7,500. ROI: Priceless.

This one-day assessment also includes up to two hours of additional phone consultation within 30 days of the meeting. This may be split up into two one-hour sessions. A non-refundable 50% deposit is due at the time of booking to hold the date, and the balance is due upon arrival.

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