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Can You Succeed as a Public Speaker and
Independent Consultant?


In 1976, I made business cards with the title “Consultant” on them. Since I was created results people wanted, I was making money the first week, and I was in demand. It’s not rocket science!

In 1992 I met Elsom Eldridge, Jr. the author of The Obvious Expert and over thirty other books. He hired me to lead a team of professional speakers and trainers to run three-day seminars to train consultants around the country. The synergy was amazing, and once a year I listen to the highlights from those programs. They are classics. The valuable information we shared with all those good people inspired us to go many levels higher.

We have been training consultants and public speakers for over twenty years and have received many awards and accolades for it. Big Deal!

The ONLY thing that matters is RESULTS!

Do you trust yourself?

Do you have decades of work and life experience?

Have you been to the circus? That is a metaphor: do not take it seriously, although some of the airports and boardrooms I have been through were about as entertaining and crazy as the circus!

Here is the bottom line: Thousands of individuals and companies are looking for people with real life experience, just like you! And they will pay you generously to share your knowledge and wisdom with them.

Here is the biggest secret I have learned over forty years of doing this! 
It’s how efficiently and effectively you brand, position, and sell yourself in the marketplace that will lead to your success. Plus, how you present your story, and how well you communicate as a public speaker will be a big part of your success to earn the business. Yet, you still need to deliver good or great results, or you won’t last long.

Let’s take a quick look at the world today. I truly admire the skills young people have to master computer programming, creating websites, gaming, apps, and blogs. They are also savvy with smart phones, social media, modern devices, and gadgets. Technology has made stunning advances in information availability, and it has produced a hallucinatory barrage of marketing and advertising. How many emails, texts, or tweets do you receive every day?

Some of these devices remove us from the natural world and dull the skills of judging weather, spatial relationships, and hearing the birds. We no longer need to spell, park a car, read a map, or estimate the temperature by sticking our head out the windows. How will we really bond with people in the future?

In early November, 2015, I attended the Fortune Global Forum in San Francisco, CA. The hot topic I engaged in with the worlds top CEOs was how to create a culture for multi-generational teams to function well together.

My concern is social media creates relationships more virtual than real. One social media expert called Facebook, “The Alter of Loneliness.”

Consultants with experience, knowledge, and wisdom also understand communications, relationships, and bonding with people.

Then consider this….

If you are a baby-boomer, your long years of experience give you expertise, knowledge, and wisdom that the young – despite their mastery of technology, do not share.

Everyone in our society, including you, has specialized knowledge and the wisdom to get things done that others will pay virtually anything to gets. As their consultant, you’ll command greater respect – and get paid at a rate that is many times greater than as an employee.

We offer consulting in four core competencies.


1) Public Speaking, how to present with pizzazz, confidence, and style.

We offer how to market yourself to get paid better and work with agents to book you often.

Topics include pricing strategies so you are paid what you are worth for your public speaking and consulting services, and building the wealth you deserve.

In this program, we will also provide you with examples of the actual contracts and agreements we use every week, along with checklists of potential mistakes that could cost you lots and lots of time and money.

2) How to create profit centers within your public speaking career so you will earn passive income while you sleep. This includes writing and publishing books, creating training programs, building a list of followers and fans, and over eighty more options from Chapter 19 in my book, Public Speaking For Money.

3) How to be more productive within your business and your life.

My brand is “Maximizing your business is my business.” I’ll show you how to increase your productivity and profitability with my unique systems to be organized, committed, focused, and aligned on what is most important for you.

When you focus on those who really want what you have to offer, then your rate of success and closing more bookings and business opportunities with the people you want to work with will go way up.

Way too many times, I have watched a marketing expert use someone else’s money to fire off advertising campaigns using direct mail, email, PCP, radio ads, phone calls, and TV spots like a drunk hunter the first day of hunting season. It’s scary. I will not make any jokes about a vice president that shot a lawyer, and his popularity went up ten points! I hope you have a sense of humor, or we are probably not a good fit.

This system includes true time management principles, rules and systems, combined with amazing automation technology, learning how to use virtual assistants, how to find great sub-contractors, and learn to follow the 90 – 10 rule of success and prosperity.

4) Avoid the mistakes! I am going to share with you the mistakes that cause much embarrassment and money because I want you to avoid them.

If you choose to follow the fast path to success you will be profitable. While I admit some of these mistakes are common and many people make them, and if they don’t go broke in the process, they can chalk it up to things not to do. How much money would that save you? How valuable is that list and the lessons?

To avoid these mistakes will save you a fortune while you create, build, and grow your public speaking and consulting empire. Failure to do so will result in getting paid below the usual rate for your public speaking, training, and consulting services, if you attract any clients at all!

While I do not believe there are shortcuts to wealth or success (unless you win a big lottery or inherit a trust fund, and most of those people have not found happiness and peace of mind. That is a different seminar…), the public speaker, and consultant, career is the perfect way to position yourself in your industry as the (go-to) person in your niche.

Why? Because everybody hires public speakers and consultants. I have worked with huge international conglomerates in the boardrooms, with CEOs in their offices on Park Avenue, with music and movie kingpins in Hollywood, and played on golf courses with them all over the world. Politicians, ad agencies, IT departments, governments, and business owners hire consultants for just about everything.

The bottom line is this: This is a huge and growing international market with enormous opportunities to make serious money.

Along the way you can have great fun while you assist people to be better, and with our systems you will attract more opportunities for profit, more joint ventures for income, and long-term business partners.

I have one question for you. Are you ready to make the best and most important investment you will ever make?  Are you ready to invest in you?

Send us an email, and we will contact you to set up a time to talk about how we can maximize your business.

Frank Candy on a conference call from the road