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There is big money in public speaking and training if you learn how to do it right!

Does the thought of making a six or seven figure a year income appeal to you? Are you hungry for it? It’s possible, many of us do it.

Choosing to be a public speaker and author is a great career, and you can have a wonderful life.

If you plan it right, people will offer you generous sums of money to share your stories and strategies for success. Plus you will meet wonderful people, stay in beautiful hotels and resorts, and go first-class. Can you feel it?

Can you do it? Ask yourself this question: Why not you?

The speaking business has a low barrier to entry, low capital to start-up costs. It requires that you create content, although truth be told, you can pay someone for that, but you must be a good speaker on the stage, you must know the business, and you must have a business plan.

In my observation of more than thirty years in the business, most speakers and authors are like starving artists, and most of what they think about is getting the next booking. They fail to think about and plan for the long-term equity opportunities and developing partnerships that make the difference between broke and prosperous.

Some of the plans include joint ventures with brokers and agents, multiple income streams from commissions, over-rides, and royalties on books and products. Plus referral commissions from vendors, joint-venture deals, on-going training, and consulting projects, and positions on boards of directors. In my book, Public Speaking For Money, there is a list of eighty-seven profit centers.

Here are a few: money from promoters, publishers, sponsors, and contributing and co-authors. Plus you can generate money from re-purposing the books’ content, money from the sale of the audio production, money from the foreign rights, and possibly a movie,  a play on Broadway. It’s been done in the past and will be done in the future. Why not you?

Our training is for people who are serious and hungry for prosperity who want to make a difference and want a good life of high achievement and happiness.

If you are hungry, you will always be looking for ways to become better, faster, and be more efficient. Choosing the mindset of hunger for pursuing excellence will place you in the less than top 1% of the best people in the world.

To be successful, the first thing you must do is open your eyes and your mind to the success principles of the best people, and be hungry for the success you deserve.

What’s next? Check out our training and services. If you qualify, if you have the burning desire for excellence and hunger for prosperity, then contact us now. 407-826-4248