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FrankCandyAndJohnnyMillerYour leaders, mentors, and coaches for these programs are Frank Candy and Dr. Johnny Miller, CSP.

Frank Candy is the Founder, CEO, and President of American Speakers Bureau Corporation based in Orlando, Florida. His firm books many of the best professional speakers, authors, astronauts, entertainers, and experts all over the world. American Speakers Bureau provides thousands of people with opportunities for hope, work, growth, and purpose.

He is the author of Public Speaking For Money, An Insider’s Secrets To Get Booked Solid, plus eighteen other books and success guides.

Frank’s reputation is legendary for revealing the secrets for the art of public speaking, and careers in public speaking, plus inspiring groups to be more organized, committed, focused, and aligned to a common cause, and leading them to out-perform and out-earn the competition.

Frank’s journey has included working in corporate America for over ten years, plus for he worked the U.S. Government, Foreign Governments, and he has been invited to speak in all fifty states, and four continents. American Speakers Bureau books professional speakers, authors, astronauts, entertainers, and celebrities all over the world.

In a readers’ choice survey for Corporate Meetings and Incentives Magazine, readers selected Frank Candy as one of their favorite professional speakers in America.

     He has helped launched the careers of many people over the years.

An interviewer asked Frank, “Why are you revealing your secrets?”

To which he answered, “To assist as many people as possible to live their dreams and enjoy their lives.”

Dr. John R. Miller, Professor Emeritus and a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association joins Frank as co-presenter and advisor. Dr. Miller is also known as The Professor and Dr. Johnny. He is the Author of Speak Up For Business. For over thirty-three years he taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced public speaking classes at the University Level. Dr. Miller has been invited to deliver his inspirational messages to over three thousand audiences in all fifty states and many foreign countries including India, France, Italy, China, Japan, and Brazil.

Some of his clients include: IBM, Ameritech, American Electric Power, Exxon, GM, GE, Lockheed, and many more.

Dr. Miller is a highly respected speech coach for athletes, sports coaches, and executives all over the world. His former athletes and students include Olympic Gold Medal Winners, Major League Baseball players, National Football League players, and Network Television Personalities.

Frank and Dr. Johnny are the experts at teaching people how to overcome the fear of public speaking, overcome public speaking anxiety, and deliver powerful speeches with confidence.

Note: Many of our live seminars offer special guest appearances from successful motivational speakers, and former students, and partners with American Speakers Bureau.

If you are seeking training or coaching for your career, this could be the opportunity you have been hoping to find. Our consulting, public speaking training, public speaking classes, and coaching will assist you to overcome the fear of public speaking and develop the confidence to overcome public speaking anxiety. What are you waiting for? Take action NOW!


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