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About Frank Candy

Public Speaker and Author Reveals the Secrets for The Art of Public Speaking, and Careers in Public Speaking

Portrait10Frank Candy 
is a Gold Medal Winner, Author, Professional Public Speaker, and highly sought after adviser to many of the best people in the world.
He is the author of Public Speaking For Money, An Insider’s Secrets To Get Booked Solid, plus eighteen other books and success guides.
Frank Candy is the Founder, CEO, and President of American Speakers Bureau Corporation based in Orlando, Florida.His firm books many of the best professional speakers, authors, astronauts, entertainers, and experts all over the world and provided thousands of people with opportunities for hope, work, growth, and purpose.

Frank offers tips for the art of public speaking and getting booked for paid public speaking jobs.

His focus includes inspiring and increasing productivity and profitability through professional and
 personal development, advanced automation, and doing it right the first time.
Frank is a highly sought after public speaker with a great reputation for innovative thinking, hard work, and common-sense principles. Most of Frank Candy’s presentations are about Big Bold Leadership, Multi-Generational Teamwork, and Careers in Public Speaking. 
His reputation is legendary for giving tips on the art public speaking, and careers in public speaking, plus inspiring groups to be more organized, committed, focused, and aligned to a common cause.
     Frank Candy offers public speaking training and consulting, plus branding and marketing services. In this website, blog, and his book, you will find many tips for public speaking, the art of public speaking, and getting booked for public speaking and training opportunities.

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